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Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

All my life, I’ve been depressed and overweight. Now the question is: Am I overweight because of depression, or depressed because of being overweight? And don’t think I’m trying to put the blame on something or somebody else. I take responsibility for being overweight. I love food and I hate exercise. I’m guilty, so sue me. However, I cannot for one moment think that I should take all the blame. Just so you know, I’ve shown symptoms of depression before my fifth birthday – before I had a weight problem.

I have recently read a lot about medical reasons for obesity, and some of them are Hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome and Depression. My first step is to have the following tested: my thyroid, my cortisol levels, leptin levels, insulin levels and perhaps switch over to another type of antidepressant. Once I have the results of that, I will have to think of a diet plan and an exercise plan. (I’m saying this with a lot of reluctance.) Did I mention that I hate exercising?

Oh well, wish me luck!


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One thought on “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

  1. Depression do make those fat cells cling to our bodies indeed. Anti-depressants does that as well…or at least some. I’ve always been skinny but when menopause struck, it was downhill all the way. I do swim a lot but sometimes the Fibro gets in the way and sometimes it helps for the Fibro … whatever. Some days I just don’t care and some days I do. I have no idea what your age is but I would say check for insulin resistance and all those other things as well. I’ve also had depression every since I can remember but no anti-depressants help, except Amitriptyline – but it messes around with my insulin levels and gives me an appetite.

    Wishing you all of the best. 😀


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