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Bucket List #1, Travel

How I wish that I could travel the world. A few places I would love to see, comes to mind:

The Scottish Highlands. Perhaps it has something to do with a TV program, the Highlander, from years ago.

Edinburgh Castle

I would love to go to Italy. I’ll sit at a street cafe all day long, eating olives and drinking red wine.

Italy street cafe

Don’t forget about Bulgaria. There’s just something romantic about the place.


Hopefully I’ll one day be able to visit all these beautiful places.


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5 thoughts on “Bucket List #1, Travel

  1. If you are able to plan a trip and have to pick just one, go to Italy. My family lives in a small town south of Naples. The countryside smells of blood oranges and lemons. The port has a view of Capri. The fresh fish and vegetable market will make you think twice about ever eating food from a supermarket again. As the saying goes, see Napoli and die.


  2. Until you can get to the places on your bucket list, may I suggest some regional trips? I’ve had a many wonderful adventures within 1000 miles of home. Don’t let $$$, distance or time stop you from enjoying every moment. I’m working my way through my bucket list and loving it!


  3. Awww, so good to see Bulgaria on your bucket list (this is where I am from originally)! It is definitely worth visiting! Good luck with your diet, I’ll now follow your blog and hope you’ll find mine interesting enough to follow back. All the best!


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