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Weigh-In, Week #3


Let me be honest: This week was no walk in the park. I went back to the drawing board, and read up on Low Carb High Fat diets (again). With the info that I gathered about that, as well as the info on our local meal replacements, I decided to incorporate Biogen Diet Protein into my diet. I now eat really well (according to myself) and yet I was still worried about a repeat performance of last week, when I gained weight. Well, this morning I climbed on to the scale, and was relieved to see that I have lost 900 grams – almost 2 pounds. Total loss is now at 4.5 kg.


I now need to lose another 11.5 kg before the end of the year, in order to stick to my goal list. Wonder whether I’ll make it. When I mentioned to no-one in particular that I’m losing weight too slow to my liking, my daughter said: “Ma, you need to exercise!”

say what



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