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Weigh In, Week #4


In order to reach my interim goal for this year (to fall into Obese class 1), I need to lose 10,6 kg in the 9 weeks left of 2014. That can be done, but then I will have to exercise! This week I lost 900 grams / 1,98 lbs for a second time in a row. Total lost in a month is 5,4 kg. A little slow, don’t you think?



Weigh-In, Week #3


Let me be honest: This week was no walk in the park. I went back to the drawing board, and read up on Low Carb High Fat diets (again). With the info that I gathered about that, as well as the info on our local meal replacements, I decided to incorporate Biogen Diet Protein into my diet. I now eat really well (according to myself) and yet I was still worried about a repeat performance of last week, when I gained weight. Well, this morning I climbed on to the scale, and was relieved to see that I have lost 900 grams – almost 2 pounds. Total loss is now at 4.5 kg.


I now need to lose another 11.5 kg before the end of the year, in order to stick to my goal list. Wonder whether I’ll make it. When I mentioned to no-one in particular that I’m losing weight too slow to my liking, my daughter said: “Ma, you need to exercise!”

say what


Weigh In, Week #2


If you have a look at my results, you’ll see that I’ve actually gained 500 grams this week. It was not a gradual build-up, it happened directly after I had that frozen yogurt over the weekend. I’ve been weighing myself daily since, and no change.

And I generally don’t feel well. My liver feels swollen and I’m extremely tired. I’m a type 2 diabetic, but don’t understand these symptoms, as a Low Carb Diet is supposed to make me feel better.


So, this week I’m back to the drawing board.

I’ll gather some more information on diets, and will blog about it when I’m done.

Weigh In, Week #1


Although I’m ecstatic with this week’s results, I know that I will have to start exercising to keep this up:

WEEK 1Goal nr. 1 is done and dusted. Goal number 2 on it’s way.


What’s scary, is that I have lost 9.02 pounds in one week, and that I can’t see it on my body (yet). It just motivates me to lose more!

My oldest child, now 23, was a big baby and weighed 9.24 pounds. I have now almost lost one big baby’s worth of fat!

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