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What to do with all the info?


In searching for information on weight loss, I gathered the following info:

One website advocates a Low Carb High Fat diet, and claims studies showed that people on a Low Carb diet burned 300 more calories a day – while resting! The website also states that a Low Carb diet is actually good for Diabetics, and that for me, as a type 2 Diabetic, there’s no risk of hypoglycemia. So, as I have followed a Low Carb diet in week 1 and 2, I think I’m going to stick with it for a while longer.

Secondly, I tried to figure out how many calories I should consume per day. For an average woman, that figure is around 2000 calories a day. To lose weight a1663 calories is suggested. To lose weight fast a 1248 calories seems to be the number. (Keep in mind that I’m not very active).

Thirdly, I read up on the amount of carbs needed per day.

  • 100-150 grams per day is a “moderate” carbohydrate intake.
  • 50-100 grams per day is great if you want to lose weight effortlessly.
  • 20-50 grams per day is the perfect range for people who need to lose weight fast.

I had a question regarding dairy. Apparently dairy contains a lot of sugar, and low fat and no fat dairy needs to be avoided. Full fat options are okay.

The only real question that I have at the moment, is what happens when you have more than your RDA of protein? The reason I ask this, is because the meal replacement shake I have in mind, contains 45% protein of RDA for 1 serving. That means I won’t be able to have 3 servings of that per day, or will it be okay?

Suggestions will be appreciated.


Meal Replacement Shakes

I’m really battling to eat the proper foods, and therefore I read up on meal replacement shakes available in South Africa. I found the following:





diabetic plus

Diabetic plus











Anybody with first-hand experience with regards to these products? I have no idea where to start!

My reward for a week well done

No, I’m not going to continually reward myself with food, but I think this was harmless enough. Plus: I got to spend some time with Hubby and Son. To Afrikaners, family gatherings are synonymous with eating…

Lovely English Toffee and Strawberry Frozen Yogurt. I would have been in heaven if there was a coffee flavour!

Frozen Yogurt

Weigh In, Week #1


Although I’m ecstatic with this week’s results, I know that I will have to start exercising to keep this up:

WEEK 1Goal nr. 1 is done and dusted. Goal number 2 on it’s way.


What’s scary, is that I have lost 9.02 pounds in one week, and that I can’t see it on my body (yet). It just motivates me to lose more!

My oldest child, now 23, was a big baby and weighed 9.24 pounds. I have now almost lost one big baby’s worth of fat!

You know you’re in trouble when….


your BMI doesn’t even feature on the BMI chart…..

So, what am I doing in the 1st week of my diet?

I have decided to cut out sugar and carbs. I will get back to complex carbs in the near future, and I will also be eating fruit again. I don’t want to cut any specific food group out of my diet completely, but this week I’m sticking to protein and good veggies only.

Oh, and I had a little bit of yogurt, and a wee bit of cheese with my omelet. And I drink lots of water.

No exercising yet.

I’ll have to weigh in once a week, but don’t know which day I’ll choose. I only started with the diet on Monday, but perhaps I will weigh in on Fridays or Saturdays, as I want to be able to eat one ‘cheat meal’ on  some Sundays. To be honest, at the moment I don’t have a need for a cheat meal, but I want to keep my options open.

My first weigh-in results will determine my next plan of action as far as eating goes. If I lose to little in the first week, I will have to start counting calories, or something drastic. This is not going to be a diet, this is ultimately going to be a way of life, therefore I’m hesitant to go overboard and cut out things left and right (for too long). I do understand that I need a kick-start to drastically lose weight at the moment.

And just so you know: I’m NOT cutting my morning coffee! 🙂

The day of reckoning & my master plan

Let’s not wait till Monday for the next diet to start. Today is as good as any other.

It’s official:

  1. I’m Obese Class III.
  2. My BMI is  40.52.
  3. I wear a size 26 dress. 

All of the above is about to change. I have no clear plan yet, but it WILL change. The numbers will improve, even if I have to steal or lie to accomplish it. Watch this space!

I am currently Obese Class III. My short term goals are as follows:

  1. I need to lose 2kg / 4.4lbs to be Obese class II. I hope to achieve that in the first week.
  2. I then need to lose another 14kg / 30.8lbs, (16kg / 35.2lbs in total) to be Obese Class I. It will be great if I can do that before the end of 2014.
  3. It will take another 14kg 30.8lbs, (30kg / 66lbs in total.)  before I am in the Overweight category.  I want to reach this goal on of before my birthday on the 2nd of July.
  4. The last 14kg / 30.8lbs (44kg / 97lbs in total) to reach the Normal weight category, doesn’t have a timeframe on it at the moment. Let’s first see if I can achieve the first lot.  

Look at the bright side of things: I don’t have to worry about being anorexic. 🙂

BMI Table for Adults

This is the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommended body weight based on BMI values for adults. It is used for both men and women, age 18 or older.

Category BMI range – kg/m2
Severe Thinness < 16
Moderate Thinness 16 – 17
Mild Thinness 17 – 18.5
Normal 18.5 – 25
Overweight 25 – 30
Obese Class I 30 – 35
Obese Class II 35 – 40
Obese Class III > 40

Source: calculator.net

Why this blog?

I have tried numerous times in the past to make positive changes, and have accomplished certain things, just to fall of the proverbial wagon again …..

This blog is going to keep me accountable to the world. If I mess up EVERYBODY and his dog will know about it!

Why the ‘big change’ now?

Perhaps I’m slap bang in the middle of a midlife crisis, or perhaps it has to do with the fact that it is summer again and I’m fed-up with not finding comfortable clothes that fit. Perhaps it’s none of the above.

I know deep in my heart that this is my only lifeline left. I have never felt more depressed than the past few months and my thoughts are scaring the hell out of me. Most people have some downfalls in their lives at certain times, but mine are busy smothering and drowning me. Being as depressed as I am, I just can’t handle life’s curveballs at the moment. I have a lovely family, but I’m not grateful. I have a stunning career, which brings me no happiness at the moment. I have a hobby that I currently can’t bear to look at. Nothing makes me happy, nothing makes me smile, and I’m wise enough to realize that I’m the master of my own destiny. In order to stay alive, I need to fight the battle against too little serotonin. So: skinnier – healthier – happier, got it?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

All my life, I’ve been depressed and overweight. Now the question is: Am I overweight because of depression, or depressed because of being overweight? And don’t think I’m trying to put the blame on something or somebody else. I take responsibility for being overweight. I love food and I hate exercise. I’m guilty, so sue me. However, I cannot for one moment think that I should take all the blame. Just so you know, I’ve shown symptoms of depression before my fifth birthday – before I had a weight problem.

I have recently read a lot about medical reasons for obesity, and some of them are Hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome and Depression. My first step is to have the following tested: my thyroid, my cortisol levels, leptin levels, insulin levels and perhaps switch over to another type of antidepressant. Once I have the results of that, I will have to think of a diet plan and an exercise plan. (I’m saying this with a lot of reluctance.) Did I mention that I hate exercising?

Oh well, wish me luck!

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