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What to do with all the info?


In searching for information on weight loss, I gathered the following info:

One website advocates a Low Carb High Fat diet, and claims studies showed that people on a Low Carb diet burned 300 more calories a day – while resting! The website also states that a Low Carb diet is actually good for Diabetics, and that for me, as a type 2 Diabetic, there’s no risk of hypoglycemia. So, as I have followed a Low Carb diet in week 1 and 2, I think I’m going to stick with it for a while longer.

Secondly, I tried to figure out how many calories I should consume per day. For an average woman, that figure is around 2000 calories a day. To lose weight a1663 calories is suggested. To lose weight fast a 1248 calories seems to be the number. (Keep in mind that I’m not very active).

Thirdly, I read up on the amount of carbs needed per day.

  • 100-150 grams per day is a “moderate” carbohydrate intake.
  • 50-100 grams per day is great if you want to lose weight effortlessly.
  • 20-50 grams per day is the perfect range for people who need to lose weight fast.

I had a question regarding dairy. Apparently dairy contains a lot of sugar, and low fat and no fat dairy needs to be avoided. Full fat options are okay.

The only real question that I have at the moment, is what happens when you have more than your RDA of protein? The reason I ask this, is because the meal replacement shake I have in mind, contains 45% protein of RDA for 1 serving. That means I won’t be able to have 3 servings of that per day, or will it be okay?

Suggestions will be appreciated.


Meal Replacement Shakes

I’m really battling to eat the proper foods, and therefore I read up on meal replacement shakes available in South Africa. I found the following:





diabetic plus

Diabetic plus











Anybody with first-hand experience with regards to these products? I have no idea where to start!

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